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Book Review: Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie

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How many of you out there love to read books?

I for one am addicted to them. They are my boon for sanity. Fiction books mostly but when my mood strikes, non-fiction too but that happens very rarely. Anyway, last year I came across this author Anne Gracie by fluke. The blurb I read fascinated me so much that I went on the book hunt and finally got hold of the Perfect Rake. It was such a fun read that I fell in love with it laughing throughout. The hero is a 'Perfect' rake. This a not to be missed book so I wrote a small review about it. 

Okay I'll be honest. I wrote this review as a trial to become a part of COFFEE TIME ROMANCE & More staff as a reviewer and guess what.. It got me in! :) I am officially a reviewer there. :D

But the point is, I love this book soo much that I had to share it with you all too. So if you guys like it, go out, buy it and read the whole book. I would give this the highest rating there is. The review is as follows:

This is the first book in the series about Merridew sisters who were sent to live with their fanatic grandfather after their parents died. Prudence Merridew is the eldest sister who would do anything to get them away from his brutality and is waiting for her 21st birthday to get the guardianship. But an event and accident leaving their grandfather invalid for some period gives her an excellent opportunity even come up with an elaborate and extremely risky plan for escape a couple of months before her birthday. This plan goes awry when she is being forced to have the season first (because she is very plain compared to her sisters who are referred to as the 'diamonds of first water') and to get out of it so that her sisters get the chance, she claims to be secretly engaged to the Duke of Dinstable, who is a known recluse and not entered the society for past 10 years. Unfortunately he has come back and to convince him she goes to his place and mistakenly assumes Gideon is the duke. How she gets out of the situation and how Gideon plans on helping her is where the story gets interesting.

I just love love love this book. It is so refreshing from the typical romantic heros we get to read normally. Gideon is your very unusual and very non-serious hero who takes your heart away with his charm and actions. The interaction between him and Prudence is utterly delightful and invigorating though I believe whenever he enters the scene, he just takes it away. Prudence is more then his match in wits and what he sees in her makes us fall in love with her too. I appreciate the way Anne Gracie has included the secondary characters who are delightful individuals with strong personalities but complement Gideon and Prudence in such a way that they won't take the attention away from those two. Theirs is a refreshing love story filled with laughter, hope and never ending support of loved ones. This is a definate keeper which I would read again and again for a touch of joy in life and to be very honest, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series just to read a bit more about Prudence, Gideon and little Grace.

The following are the book details for your ease to go out and buy it if it is still in print.

ISBN# 0-425-20395-6
July 2005
Price: $7.99

If any of you have already read it, I would love to hear how you found the book. Do you agree or disagree with my assessment?

Have a great day you all.

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