Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Domestic Engineer

Hello fellow ramblers,

This blog is not a teaching lesson. Its just me random rambling about everything and nothing. And since I may twist the words to my convenience, it may sound non-sense and totally change the meaning of the word but still its my head, my world and my non-sense. You will not only find ramblings in my topics but in the text itself too. ;)

For my very first post I would like to talk about "what is a domestic engineer?" and why I chose to start the ramblings.

Usually after we get married (we as in girls/women), we are given an option of either being a stay-at-home wife in other words a house-wife or become a working lady i.e. continue building your career if you have one or start one. That is either dependent on us or our in-laws.

In present times, I agree that since the price and cost of living is very high all around the world. It is difficult for a lower or middle class families to solely survive on the man's income, but if its not necessary and so far we can make-do with that income only and survive, choosing to stay home with college education is becoming a social stigma. At least here in Pakistan. I can not say it for any other country or individual. Just my personal experience in my 4 years of marriage.

People ask me what have I done (i.e. education) and then they ask me what am I doing nowadays (i.e. after marriage) and then they find it totally inconceivable that I am a stay at home wife without kids! I mean fine I am staying at home 24/7, may it be out of necessity or choice but its none of their business. I am choosing to stay at home and make my house a comfortable place to stay in for my family but that does not mean it hasn't got its perks and handicaps. The correct term for a stay at-home wife (or house wife) should be a domestic engineer. We have to run the house, make things comfortable for everyone and that they run smoothly. When the kids come along they're the part of the package too. I can not see a husband making a house very comfortable along with doing a job or the in-laws doing as much for the kids and our home as we would.

Though when asked, I don't say any of this to the people because it is pretty much pointless wasting my energy and strength arguing animatedly with them when they're stuck to their opinions and I am to mine (plus it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere with people we have to interact with a lot therefore better to avoid). I know I know many of you would also disagree with my sentiments but as its my ramblings, I have the right to speak up if not verbally then through writing.

These questions, life at home etc has brought me to a boiling point at the tip of frustration and desperation therefore I had to start a blog to let it all out and here I am. Please bear with me and my randomness. 

Okay.. For my first post that was enough non-sense.. I wouldn't mind hearing opinions are long as they are not abusive..

Hope to hear from at least some of you.. Hehehehe..
Lets See.

Take Care
Ah Bientot`!!


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