Friday, 10 February 2012

Women Politics

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I have an interesting topic today. Women politics. A couple of months ago, an acquaintance of mine put up a status stating that she was shocked at the dirty politics, some women were playing at. To which I asked her if everything was okay and what happened. The reply I got was that, nothing much, some women play very dirty politics which shocked her. Okay I got that. So I just said that thank God I never had a chance to face such an issue with women or men. Just a statement thanking God. Now this lady knows I don't work anywhere. So she simply replied that you will only face it when you do a job.

Now the question from this arises is... Really? I mean really that is the best answer she could come up with? That I would only face such an issue if I do a job. That sounded more like a jab at my staying at home and not working. But I may be wrong and her intentions might be clear but then again... Really? *raising an eyebrow*

What I initially thought to her statement was maybe some friend was playing dirty politics or maybe someone in the in-laws. And that is exactly what I meant when I made the statement of thanking God. I have heard other people complaining too and at times in school and college life about dirty politics. Because in my limited experience, we only find dirty politics is if someone we trusted or least expect from, does it. I am not saying that I have not experienced it at all but never an outright vicious attack like the one she was implying in her status. Many of you might disagree but for arguments sake, are you really saying that not one of you has faced this problem apart from a work place? This goes for men and women both though the focus at the moment is women politics.

It is funny though. I know we women can be very bitchy and can play very dirty. Even worse then men. But hey, in this career driven men's ambitious world, we have to make use of all the weapons we can and some do it more then the others. ;) In private life though its a different story. How many of you have come across games and dirty politics with some one in your in-laws or very close family? How many of you were a victim of these same politics in school and college life? How did you get to overcome it?

I would love to hear your opinion and maybe by mutual sharing we can also come with new ideas to avoid it or overcome it in our personal lives. For the time being am allowing anonymous comments in case you want to tell the story without giving up your name. ;)

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